The old innkeeper at The Crying Spear.


Rough looking human man in his early 60s. He has a long white hair and beard and sharp blue eyes. Despite working behind the counter he still keeps a well-kept chain mail under his tunic.


Rusk is an old warrior and adventurer who after retiring decided to become an innkeeper and established The Crying Spear. The rumors say that he named the inn after a mercenary group that was wiped out in a Battle of Broken Sun many decades ago. Why he did that? No one has dared to ask.

It is also rumored that in his younger days he was a formidable warrior and he had a stamina to fight for hours without even breaking a sweat. Many have wondered if he still has the same stamina but no one has yet to have to courage to try. If the way he throws out misbehaving patrons is anything to go by it may be a wise decision not to.

Sometimes, when the inn is not too busy, someone shouts: “Tell us a story, Rusk!” and sometimes… Sometimes he complies. And oh what stories those are. The whole inn sits in silence when Rusk tells his stories. After a story Rusk always calls it a night and leaves to his own quarters, leaving one of the barmaids tending the customers.


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